1) Download a crypto wallet

  • Our platforms both currently support Metamask, Rainbow, and Coinbase Wallet. For more information on what crypto wallets are, see here.

2) Connect your wallet

  • When you first navigate to Quix or Stratos there will be a "connect" button on the top right of the site. Use this to link your crypto wallet to the platform and sign in. Metamask can be linked directly while Rainbow and Coinbase Wallet need to connect through WalletConnect.

3) Set up your profile

  • Rollover the circle icon on the far right side of the navigation bar to see the profile dropdown menu. Here you can find your collected NFTs, the NFTs you've favorited, and edit your profile settings. In settings you can personalize your account by adding profile picture, a profile bio, and your twitter handle, and you can set up activity notifications by including your email.

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