What is the Launchpad?

Our Launchpad is a no-code contract deployer that allows approved NFT projects to launch on Optimism or Arbitrum in just a few easy clicks. Key features include customizable, self-custodial contracts, no-code minting pages, and gas-free allowlist management.

For now, the Launchpad is only available for free-to-mint projects. If you're interested in launching your project with paid mint, check out our partners at NiftyKit and Rampp.

How do I use the Launchpad?

1. Deploying Your Contract

If your project gets accepted, we'll get in touch with you as soon as possible to let you know. All we'll need is your wallet address to give you access to the launchpad and then you'll be able to mint whenever you'd like.

In order to mint, you'll need to name your collection and give it a short name symbol (e.g. SYMBL), provide the total supply amount, decided on amount of tokens minted per transaction, and let us know if there is an allowlist. The contract deployer will look like this:

Launchpad Contract Deployer

Launchpad Contract Deployer

If there is an allowlist, you'll need to upload a CSV document with the list of approved wallet addresses. Uploading additional addresses later will add them to the existing allowlist.

Once deployed, you'll be able to edit all of the contract details from the collection name, to the URL, its description, cover & collection images, official links, and most importantly, royalties. (For more info on royalties, please refer to this article) The collection detail editor looks like this:

Collection Detail Edit Page

Collection Detail Edit Page

2. Allowlist

In order to add wallets to the allowlist, you must upload a CSV document with all of the addresses. No special formatting needed, just one address per cell in a column. The limit per one CSV document is 10,000 addresses. In order to upload >10k, you'll have to upload multiple CSV files, which automatically add together when uploaded (can use https://www.splitcsv.com/ to split CSVs if needed). Lastly, you must have the allowlist toggled "on" when the contract is deployed in order to implement the feature. You can not deploy the contract and then decide to turn on the allowlist feature later.

We strongly recommend taking an allowlist-only mint approach to your project as free public mints are susceptible to bot minting. Due to this, the default setting of the launchpad will always have the Allowlist Mint option toggled "on". Please note, you won't be able to turn this setting off, but you're not required to use it - if you'd like to conduct a public mint without an allowlist, you'll be able to do that.

3. Metadata

You can either set the metadata url to your existing self-hosted metadata (which can be on IPFS) or can upload the metadata on our servers.

Note: Launchpad collections must use completely original artwork. Derivative collections will be delisted even after mint.

4. Minting

You can provide minting on your own website, or we can provide a minting page for your collection (see example below). The mint page and status can be managed from the "Mint State" section of the Collection Settings page with the on/off toggles for Allowlist and Public Mint.

Launchpad Mint Page:

Mint State Edit Menu:

Once you've got the contract deployed and the collection details where you want them, you'll be all set!

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