A verification badge indicates that a project meets our verification standards. Our goal is to facilitate a strong NFT ecosystem on Optimism & Arbitrum by providing visibility for high quality and original collections in addition to protecting our users. Please be advised that collection verification is entirely up to our discretion.

Eligible collections for verification

In order to be eligible for verification, a collection must first have:

  • A minimum of 10 ETH in volume

  • Collection & cover images

  • Three site links (Website, Twitter, or Discord). More than three preferred.

  • Completely original artwork

Collection owners can update this information at https://qx.app/collections or https://stratosnft.io/collections.

If a collection meets the initial verification criteria, we take into account the following:

  • Team Background

    • Ex. Are they doxxed or do they have a good history in the space?

  • Collection Details

    • Ex. What is the project’s roadmap?

  • Collection Community

    • Ex. Does the project have quality engagement from a community?

  • Total Sales Volume

We reserve the right to verify collections on a case by case basis and may request additional information from a collection and its creators. A collection may be declined for verification even if it meets any combination of eligibility criteria listed above.

It's our policy that collections should not rely on verification support from Quix in order to help their trading volume. While we do our best to help OP NFT creators in many ways, from giving access to the launchpad and even helping with promotions, collections must be able to garner engagement on their own as well. We have seen many projects, including free mint projects, reach the 10 ETH minimum without needing verification or promotional support from us, so we believe this is a fair ask.

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