The following behaviors can cause a collection to get delisted:

  • Selling media that is owned by someone else.

  • Using copyrighted material or trademarks without a license, or using material that infringes on protected rights of publicity.

  • Selling NFTs that are direct copies of another collection (even if the other collection is under cc0 license).

  • Engaging in manipulative or deceptive buying, selling, bidding, and offering.

  • Linking to any external site compromises that user’s wallet security or could be interpreted as a phishing scam.

Examples of collections that violate this policy:

  • A collection that finds art images on the internet and mints them without the artists’ consent.

  • A collection that is an exact copy of another collection.

  • A collection that links to a phishing website.

We reserve the right to delist collections on a case by case basis and may request additional information from a collection and its creators. A collection may be delisted for reasons not listed above as well.

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