If you find yourself in this situation, please complete the following steps:

Find the transaction on https://optimistic.etherscan.io/ or https://arbiscan.io/ and confirm that it was successful. You can do so by navigating to the link circled here on the asset activity section:

Please note that at times, Etherscan can slow down and as a result, take a while to display transactions. So if you don't immediately see transaction on Etherscan, it may just be delayed and sometimes can take hours for the system to update.

If you accepted an offer made on your NFT:

Since offers are made in WETH, make sure you are looking at your wallet's WETH balance to see the purchase reflected. To clarify, this means if you accept an offer made on your NFT, the payment will be made in WETH, but if you list your NFT for a "buy now" price, that purchase will be made in ETH. Please note that ETH and WETH are directly correlated 1:1 and there is no price difference between the assets.

These types of transactions should display unde your wallet's "Erc20 Token Txns" on Etherscan

If you don't see WETH in your MetaMask wallet, navigate to your wallet, scroll to the "Import Tokens" link at the bottom, and add the OP WETH contract address into the token Contract Address field. The address is 0x4200000000000000000000000000000000000006 for Optimism and 0x82aF49447D8a07e3bd95BD0d56f35241523fBab1 for Arbitrum. The rest of the information should auto-populate.

Once your MetaMask has refreshed, please check your WETH balance to see if the payment has been reflected there. If the ETH still does not show, then please message us using the Help Center Chat feature.

If your NFT was purchased via a "Buy Now" listing:

The purchase will have been made in ETH, which can be found under "Internal Transactions" at your wallet address on Etherscan.

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