Using the contract owner address, navigate to or to set royalties and collection details.

Royalty Settings Page

Where can I send royalties?

Royalties can be sent to any wallet address and some smart contract addresses. Any Gnosis Safe (multisig wallet) can receive royalties by default.

Smart contracts must implement a payable receive or fallback function to receive royalties. Many ERC721 contracts do not have either of these functions implemented, so they cannot receive royalties.

What is the maximum royalty rate I can set?

  • 10%

When do I get my royalties?

  • Royalties are paid out instantly to the provided address.

How much do people usually charge for royalties?

  • We typically see projects set their royalty rate between 1-7%.

Who can set our royalty rate?

  • Only the deployed contract owner can set the royalty rate through the link provided above. If needed, our team can set your royalty rate as well, we just ask that you send us the desired royalty rate and payout address from your project's official Twitter or Discord account.

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