As creators continue to use our Launchpad, we will be using this help center article to answer the frequently asked and other helpful questions that we come across.

General Launchpad FAQ's

  • Can a free mint have royalties on secondary sales?

    • Yes, those royalties will work the same as any other collection - you'll just need to decide what percentage and where you want them to go.

  • Can I split royalties and send them to multiple addresses?

    • We do not currently support this functionality. Royalties will need to be paid to a single address and split from there.

  • How much does it cost me?

    • We don't charge anything, but you'll need to pay gas to deploy the smart contract, which will likely be around $20.

Technical Launchpad FAQ's

  • How do I set a pre-reveal photo on the Launchpad?

    • There are two ways to set the pre-reveal photo. Either don't set a metadata url and the NFT will default to the collection image or you can set the metadata using that image/gif and then change the url later to reveal metadata for all of the NFTs.

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