For those looking to create or mint their own NFT on Optimism or Arbitrum, there are a few options:

1. Create & deploy the collection on your own

Both Optimism and Arbitrum support any ERC 721 or 1155 contract, just like Ethereum does, so if you can create the smart contract, metadata, and collection artwork, then you'll have all you need to deploy your project. Both networks are also EVM equivalent, meaning that smart contracts are written the exact same way on Optimism and Arbitrum as they are on Ethereum mainnet.

Creating the collection on your own allows for much more customization, which we recommend if you're looking to create a more involved NFT experience with your collection. We automatically index all collections deployed to both Optimism and Arbitrum, so no need to ask us to list your collection. Once it’s deployed, it'll be up on the corresponding network's platform shortly!

2. Use our Launchpad (for free mints)

Our Launchpad is a no-code contract deployer that allows approved NFT projects to launch on Optimism or Arbitrum in just a few easy clicks. Key features include customizable, self-custodial contracts, no-code minting pages, and gas-free whitelist management.

For now, the Launchpad is only available for free-to-mint projects, and we'll be approving projects on a case-by-case basis to ensure the best possible experience for all collections launching with us. The Launchpad also does not allow for individual or 1 of 1 minting at the moment.

3. Use our Partners (for paid mints)

If you're interested in a no-code smart contract deployer, but still want your project to be a paid mint, visit our partners over at or

Please note that although our team is here to help wherever we can in facilitating a great experience with our platforms, we do not offer services for the creation of your NFT project (metadata generation, artwork, smart-contract development, etc).

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