Our mission at Quix is to build a thriving NFT ecosystem on Optimism and help onboard unique, high-quality NFT creators and collections to the network. We understand that the OP NFT ecosystem is young, but we want others to feel empowered to build here, so we've created the Quix Partner Program to help creators promote their collections, develop their communities and incentivize their collectors.

πŸ›  How it Works

In exchange for exclusively linking to and promoting Quix as your official marketplace partner, we will provide marketing, technical, and financial support for you and your collection. Our only goal is to see the OP NFT ecosystem thrive, so we're here to help do that however we can.

βœ… Guaranteed Quix Partner Benefits

πŸ’° $OP Rewards Boosts

Using $OP Boosts, Quix will provide extra $OP trading rewards to Quix Partner collections. These rewards will occur on top of any platform-wide $OP rewards as well.

πŸ… Early Collection Verification (1 ETH Minimum)

Quix Partner collections will only need 1 ETH in trade volume on Quix to receive a verified collection badge.

🀩 Collection Feature on Quix Homepage

πŸ’» Creator Discord Role

Quix Partners will receive access to a locked announcement channel in the Quix Discord server. This channel will be public for everyone to see, but only Quix Partners can use it to post updates about their collections.

βž• Additional Partner Benefits

Pending approval from Quix, Partners can also qualify for the following benefits:

🏦 $OP Treasury Matching

Double your royalties. Quix will match the royalties you receive in $OP.

🀳 Quix Twitter PFP

Use an NFT from your collection as the Quix Twitter PFP.

πŸ—£ Quix OP NFT Spotlight Twitter Space

Introduce your collection to the Quix community on a OP NFT Spotlight Twitter space.

πŸ€– OP OG collaborative NFT

Collaborate with Quix on an official OP OG NFT highlighting your collection. These NFTs will qualify for all OP OG NFT benefits.

πŸš€ Paid Launchpad Mints

Host a paid mint using the Quix launchpad.

πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ¨ Creator Collections Page

Host all of your collections in one dedicated place on Quix.

If you'd like to be considered for the Quix Partner Program, please complete the application here. Include as much information about your project as possible so that we can effectively review your application. Our team reviews all applications that we receive and we will reach out to you if your proposal has been accepted.

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