The Optimism ERC-721 Bridge is finally here! For many collectors and developers, interacting with bridged NFTs on Optimism won’t be any different than on Ethereum, but for those who want to claim creator royalties from transactions on Quix, there are some things you’ll need to look out for:

L2 Royalties

We want to make sure that NFT collections are set up with the proper details and ready receive their desired creator royalties for sales on Quix! The two most likely scenarios for claiming your royalties are the following:

  1. If your royalties are defined on-chain and the payout address is set to an EOA (via the contractURI or EIP-2981: NFT Royalty Standard), then we’ll automatically set the same payout address and creator fee, but on Optimism. You can access the royalties at any time by adding the Optimism network to your wallet.

  2. If your royalties are not defined on-chain or are set to a contract, then you'll need to update them manually. If the L1 contract is owned by an EOA, then you’ll be able to set the royalties using that address on Quix. If the L1 contract is not owned by an EOA, please contact us and we can set the royalties for you.

If you are a collection owner and need to get in touch with our team regarding royalties or collection information, please send us a direct message on Twitter (@qx_app) from your collection’s official Twitter account.

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