The easiest way to withdraw a bridged NFT from Optimism is to go to your bridged NFT on Quix and click the "Withdraw NFT" button.

Alternatively, visit the bridge page directly and enter your NFT's contract address and token ID. You must use the NFT's Optimism contract address, not the original Ethereum contract address—these will not be the same.

On the bridge page, click "Withdraw to Ethereum" and complete the transaction on Optimism to initiate the withdrawal process. You must return in 7 days and complete a second transaction on Ethereum to finalize the withdrawal. This process cannot be cancelled once initiated.


Where can I find the bridge contracts?

Why does it take 7 days to bridge an NFT back from L2 to L1?

Users are required to wait for a period of one week when moving assets out of Optimism into the Ethereum mainnet. This period of time is called the Challenge Period and serves to help secure the assets stored on an Optimistic Ethereum network. You can find more information about the Challenge Period here.

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